Toronto City Church – Too much flavour

Posted on: August 16, 2011

This week I thought we were going to keep things simple by heading to a church located in a high school gym.   In hindsight, when a church doesn’t have it’s own building you sort of need to expect a certain degree of craziness.  It’s fair to assume that if there isn’t a larger organization providing oversight, it’s quite possibly one dude who just decided to start his own church and somehow found an auditorium full of followers – and that’s very likely what this was.

Anyway, we did go in expecting some craziness, but got more than we had planned for.  We actually decided to walk out of the service after sitting there for a good 1.5 hours, so it was fair to leave.

The Church

Toronto City Church @ Forest Hill Collegiate


  • Friendly people: Note there are no pictures inside because we were flagged as outsiders immediately and were welcomed by some enthusiastic people.  We were watched like hawks, so I couldn’t even sneak an inside photo.
  • Band: They had a decent band who played for 45 minutes (longer than I cared for, but whatevs).  The songs were modern, pretty much love songs, but ‘You’ instead of ‘you’ and ‘Jesus’ instead of ‘girl’.
  • Church buddy:  He hated the service long before I did.  At one point I looked at him standing totally still with a blank expression on his face while everyone else was singing and dancing and loving the music. This was the  highlight of the service for me – laughing at his obvious discomfort (until I realized I felt the same as he looked).
  • Yelling: During the sermon the pastor yelled, like a lot.  Yelling at people to love Jesus more, but in a very angry way.  FYI – I don’t like getting yelled at directly or as part of a group.  Normally I cry when people yell at me, but in this case I just felt scared.
  • Disrespect: As part of this sermon, the pastor was quite disrespectful towards another religion. I did not care for that at all.
  • Songs: I know I have the band as a highlight, but the songs went on sooo long, so they also sort of sucked.  And some of the lines were too much, like “You have the most beautiful eyes”.  Really?  Jesus has the most beautiful eyes? Is that what he needs to hear from people, that he has nice eyes?


  • This church actually operates an indoor soccer centre as a revenue generating venture.  I think that’s pretty cool since TO needs the facilities, but now have mixed feelings as to whether or not I’d ever play there.

The Ice Cream

After getting yelled at we definitely deserved a treat.  We headed to Hotel Gelato, just up the road. I was still riled up with anger and fear following the sermon, so I decided to be ‘clever’ and order two flavours that represented the church: Coconut and Peanut Butter & Banana.  Emphasis was on the “nuts” (/groan – yet also very hard to find anger in gelato, so props to me as well).

Hotel Gelato

Sometimes peanut butter can be overpowering in an treat, but in this case it wasn’t, just a hint of the flavour with the banana to mellow it.  Wasn’t crazy about the coconut, but it’s more the flavour’s fault rather than the gelato.  Overall the place was just okay for me, but church buddy ordered pistachio and he said that it was the best gelato he’s had yet. So probably an overall pretty good place to go.

Coconut and Peanut Butter + Banana

Ice Cream:

22 Responses to "Toronto City Church – Too much flavour"

Hahah, this church sounds crazy. I wish there was a picture of the inside and this colorful preacher.

I wish I could go to the States to find some REALLY crazy preachers. I bet SF has a ton.

Just stumbled upon your blog! This is quite funny, but I’m stil unsure on what you’re trying to get out of this? Are you church shopping? Are you planning on writing a book?

Glad you like it! Honestly I have no idea what I’m trying to get out of the blog. Basically just conducting superficial church reviews for fun. I guess had an interest in churches and started going because church always confused me and I wanted to get a better idea of religion and the appeal of church. I really can’t say I understand it any better now though. I get the community part, but it’s hard to understand the faith part if you aren’t a believer.

Wow – that was an interesting read! I have been a regular attender of TCC for years, and found the people to be as genuine as they come. I would totally love to grab a coffee sometime with you to learn more about your experience – there may well be things we can do to improve! I’ll even treat for the coffee. :))

If you (and your friend?) want to take me up on it, drop me an email at

I do appreciate your offer, but I probably won’t take you up on it, I just don’t have the time, and I don’t think I’d be able to provide you much insight. I don’t recall all the details of this experience anymore, and I do think the people were genuine, I think when it comes down to it I just didn’t appreciate the message of the sermon (and it went on longer than I was used to). I’m sure if I had gone another week, the sermon would provided a totally different experience.

Also, take my observations with a grain of salt. My observations are pretty superficial and can be unfair at times since I limit myself to one-time first impressions.

ah finally!!!! someone has finally putting a light on this church. I have attended at this church for a long time and had left for about 5 years now and it is the best decision I’ve ever made. Looking back now I believe this church is a cult. Yes, they always attack other religion, psychology, and just being human. The sermon is condescending and very oppressive. As to the people being friendly – it must have changed as the general consensus by new comers in the past is that they are very unfriendly. As to if they are genuine people I am not sure about that. My experienced was that they are only nice to you at the beginning to bait you in but if you are not following what they say you should do then watch out. A lot of people have come and gone at this church. They wanted to grow but still has not really reached their goal.

If you need more information as to who and how this church really operates let me know.

STAY AWAY from this church as much as you can and TELL your friends not to get sucked in.

I have been attending this church for a few years now; it’s too bad to hear some of you have left some very negative comments about the church. I have been blessed at this church, people are caring, they pray, follow up and encourage you. Yes, meeting at a school has been challenging in terms of making it look and feel like a church, however what I have learn is that people make the church and not the building itself.
I hope for those who feel so resentful about Toronto City Church would deal with it, because by the comments read, I can sense the bitterness: S – sad
Anyways, I am glad we are not meeting at a school anymore, we have our own building!!

seems like you are bitter about this church or something and it’s been long 5 years since you left this church? Maybe a coffee can remove all the bitterness in you? E-mail me… it’s my treat. Remember chronic bitterness can cause cancer…

I’m so sad that u are away from this church cuz that means you never meet Jesus and u don’t know his mercy and love and if u wanna see how much we grow up come to visit our new building and maybe u will find the love of our GOD who will change u’re hart and teach u what it is to feel the joy and mercy of him

Wow….Judge much? Sounds like this church is full of ‘winners’

They like to preach about money a lot….and how important it is to give
Toronto City Church your tithes (10% of your income) and offerings (any additional revenue on top of your tithe). Phony.

They preach the Bible, which has lots to say about money – thank goodness they don’t just preach peoples opinion. I’m guessing you might say the same about the Government – now THEY preach a lot about money. ;-)

Tithing is just one of the basic principles in the bible and what is 10% compared to the blessings we recieved everyday. The Bible says “Bring to the storehouse the full tenth of what you earn so that there will be food in my house. Test me in this, says the Lord All Powerful. “I will open the windows of heavens for you and pour out all the blessings you need.” Malachi 3:10 God only wants to multiply your resources. But it’s not only just giving it but giving it with a cheerfull heart.

I visited this church for several months back when it was meeting at Central Tech High School and I am glad I left (well I was leaving Canada after attending University) but I never would have made this my home church… I don’t know if calling it a cult is right but they were teaching some crazy sh*t about everybody being a leader and having 12 followers just like Jesus (or something like that). The music and stuff was OK…a little to heavy rock for me but the dancers and stuff were cool. I guess it’s cool that they run a sports place…but why not build a church for your people before a sports thing?
I guess in the end it was just not my cup of tea…people were freindly enough but there were lots of cultural cliques and i found that to be rude.

Wow, I didn’t love this church, but for fairly superficial reasons. Really interesting to hear that so many of you had negative experiences with this place…

Phony and severe.

I’m so glad to be a part of this church. Few years ago I came to Canada with no family and friends. Now I am so thankful I met my husband at church and have wonderful children. We will continue to be part of this church and serve God. Yes there is yelling and craziness in this church and that’s what I like about it. It’s never boring, services are lively, full passion and speaking the truth. Yes this church do watch out for you, they do call on you when you are doing the wrong thing…because they care. They cared about me and surely they care about you. Sorry that you felt that way on your visit, that’s another thing though we are not perfect only Jesus is. We fix our eyes on Him. Allow Him to change our views and live passionately for Him, people, family and life. If ever you decide to give yourself a chance to see what Jesus has for you. You are welcome to come in NOT in Forest Hill but on our very own church building at 36 Curity Avenue. We will be there every Sunday at 11am. YES! Our church building…you should see it! Do not let yourself miss out of something that is real. Hope I’ll see you around. Thanks for taking the time writing this blog…it made me think how blessed I am to be a part of this church. I love this church it is where my family and my friends gets inspired!!!
It is where I belong, loved and cared for…

wow , is sad to hear negativity about my chiurch which I can call my home. I’m been attending for about two years and I love it , I love the music , I like the way we worship our Lord and Saviour.

Sometimes we criticized others and judge in our own understanding, but all i can say is that Jesus is real and our church is real.

Your church reviews are fun and useful, without being mean-spirited. I will be visiting some churches in Toronto again this summer and your comments are helpful.

As for Toronto City Church…I took some children to a community event that this church sponsored a few years ago. It was done with enthusiasm and sincerity, but started late and was disorganized. After a few hours and no end in sight, i decided that it was time to leave. But the room was over-crowded. There were people sprawled all over the floor and bunched close to the nearest exit.. We tried to climb over the floor-sprawlers who ignored our ‘excuse ‘me’s’ and attempts to climb over them toward the exit door. When we couldn’t move further toward the exit, I raised my voice a little more.

An old white man and a big, burly young fellow suddenly appeared and told us to leave or they would call the police. They escorted us off the premises.

The Bible says Love your Enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you and pray for them who despitefully use you, and persecute you; I have been a member of church for seven years and have never experienced any of what you people are blogging. so I will do as matthew 5:44 says.


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